Willow Ridge Candles


Austen Box

Image of Austen Box

Who is this gift box perfect for? Austen lovers of all ages! Inside of your Austenite Box, you will find a host of handmade goodies including a Jane magnetic bookmark, and a pocket mirror, a Pemberly Gardens scented 8oz candle and Limoncello chapstick from our friends over at Willowridge Candles.

This item does feature an upgrade. The packages are as follows

Standard package includes: candle, chapstick, bookmark, and mirror
Upgraded package includes: candle, chapstick, bookmark, mirror AND a 12x10 zip up pouch

Each chest contains homemade products from small businesses that correlate with the Austen theme and are perfect for book nerds everywhere. One of which happens to be a candle, so please consider that if the box has to sit at one location for an extended period of time.